The vocational training support program from HEIDENHAIN

Because digital media are now such an integral part of our lives and workplaces, digitalization is urgently needed for vocational training around the world.

As part of the HEIDENHAIN EDUCATION SUPPORT PROGRAM (HESP), we therefore offer learning aids and teacher training at reduced cost to all vocational learning institutions.

Bring the shop to the classroom

A holistic approach to training NC metalworking requires the same resources in the classroom as on the shop floor. This is the idea behind the German dual vocational training system. The HESP sponsorship program from HEIDENHAIN helps bring the shop floor to the classroom, providing effective learning materials and programming stations for milling and turning to vocational training centers, universities, and corporate trainee programs. 

E-Learning with HIT

Find the perfect balance between theory and practice with the HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training (HIT) system. This self-learning program uses animations, exercises, and tests to teach the key elements of CNC machines and the basics of CNC programming. Practical workbooks also accompany the HIT learning software. The free demo version of the programming station allows students to complete and graphically simulate all of the HIT programming exercises.

The HIT multimedia online training system is based on the Moodle learning platform widely used in schools and universities. All of the learning content can be accessed on mobile devices. Teachers can even add their own content to personalized classrooms on the learning platform.

Webinar about the HIT Premium Classroom

This video gives you a tour of the HIT Premium Classroom. The HIT Premium Classroom license offers numerous functions beyond the HIT Learning Software:

- Create your own content
- Upload external documents into the classroom
- Create individualized exam questions
- View evaluations

Training for trainers

The HEIDENHAIN training center in Schaumburg, IL, offers all levels of training to professors, teachers, and trainee supervisors at special HESP conditions.
Details and prices can be requested by e-mail.

Fully connected with HEIDENHAIN StateMonitor

Industry 4.0, smart factory, and automation are trendy terms with a clear message: digitalization is on its way. HEIDENHAIN is meeting this growing demand for digital manufacturing solutions with its line of Digital Shop Floor products.

At the heart of these products is the StateMonitor software. This smart analysis tool collects, evaluates, and visualizes machine data. Its Messenger function even actively notifies users about machine messages. Further efficiency gains are possible through extra software options, including JobTerminal for production job management, MaintenanceManager for maintenance interval planning, and the Digital Twin for accurately modeling your machine on a programming station.

The Digital Shop Floor can also be used for training purposes, such as connecting the training shop to your classrooms. For a training environment, StateMonitor is available at special HESP prices For more information, contact us by e-mail.

Transparent manufacturing

Unattended manufacturing with StateMonitor

Practical training aids

Our learning posters give trainers visual aids for answering questions. The following topics are covered: TNC7 setup , the CAD Import, and workpiece touch probes.

The trainer kit contains a glass scale, a linear encoder, and a rotary encoder, along with DVDs that explain high-accuracy positioning.

The HEIDENHAIN coordinate system model helps students understand the spatial arrangement of all machine axes, making it an essential aid for those learning to tilt.


The name Klartext stands not only for the HEIDENHAIN programming language but also for informational resources such as the Klartext portal, the Klartext magazine and Klartext News. Control users and those in training will find useful tips, user reports, and webinars. You can also incorporate this content along with the videos into your own learning content.

Contact and ordering

HESP offers extensive teacher training, learning materials, learning aids, and training materials for the convenient creation of training courses.

For all questions regarding the HESP activities of HEIDENHAIN, please contact us:
E-mail: HTA-HC@heidenhain.com